Best COVID-19 Tracking Websites

Today the globe is plagued by a standard drawback otherwise you will say it as a danger, that is CoronaVirus. The symptoms square measure health problems, fever, cough and in several cases the issue in respiration. This virus is spreading in no time from country to country and nowadays it’s reached each corner of the earth.

There are many different best COVID-19 Tracking websites available on the internet but many of these give you misleading information. If you are curious to know what is going on and how many people are getting affected daily by this virus, then in this article we will tell you about the Best COVID-19 Tracking websites.

The following are the best tracking websites of COVID-19, which gives accurate numbering and figures.

Best Websites For Tracking COVID-19

  1. NextStrain
  2. HealthMap
  3. WHO
  4. New York Times
  5. CDC
  6. ECDC
  7. JHU
  8. TrackCov19 – (
  9. TrackCorona – (


NextStrain is the most technical website available online and one of the best COVID-19 tracking websites. This website gives the most accurate and correct figures of the affected people up to date. If you are curious to know day to day details then this is the best website available on the internet.


HealthMap is the active site which gives the accurate animation of the tracking of this virus from its first case till now. It collects the data from many different resources and gives you the best tracking of the corona virus.

World Health Organization’s

The World Health Organization provides the track of this virus most cheerfully. This website provides you the tracking from the global scale to even country or city scale. According to the World Health Organization, currently, there are more than 1.6 million Coronavirus affected peoples and more than 90,000 deaths. Casualties and the number of affected people are increasing daily. 

The New York Times

The New York Times is also one of the best COVID-19 tracking websites. It tallies the country to country cases. Everyone can understand the chart from these websites because not everyone is a visual learner. So this website is best for those who can not understand well from the visual charts. This is because in visual charts many different colors are used to show the track of the spread of this virus, which becomes a problem for those who are having any kind of color impairments. 

Center for Disease Control COVID-19

All other websites like Healthmap, NextStrain, and the World Health Organization’s dashboards provide the data in visual form. But if you are to know which is the best Coronavirus tracking website which can also give the detail in non-visual form, then the Center for Disease Control COVID-19 is the best available site. This site gives the most accurate and up to date figures about the tracking of coronavirus.

European Center for Disease Control for the Prevention of COVID-19

European Center for Disease Control and prevention facts on COVID-19 is another trusted website which gives you the non-visual tracking of the coronavirus. This website keeps you aware of the latest situation of the virus. It gives you a summary of the latest evidence on different aspects of COVID-19 disease.

Johns Hopkins University  

This university provides the online dashboard for the track of the Coronavirus and its map. This is the best website given by Johns Hopkins University. These maps provide accurate results on just one click. This site is updated many times a day. If you want to stay in touch with the current situation of the earth then this is the best coronavirus tracking website.

Many other websites are also working to track the coronavirus but some of them provide fake and misleading information. You don’t have to worry, in this article we have tried to list those best websites which give accurate information.